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Background information on Dr. Boris Gimbarzevsky.

The office is not currently taking on any new patients.  I will, however, be seeing patients in consultation once or twice regarding conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disturbances and bipolar disorder.  More on how this process works RSN.

Web based medicine.
A number of projects are currently in the works as of 21/1/2007.  Right now you can:

- Test your fingertapping speed online through this link.

Online psychiatry project:  please use the following link instead of the links below.
- Do online psychiatric surveys, either:
    Mood disorders questionaire (MDQ) as a screen for bipolar disorder, or
    PHQ9 questionaire which is used to monitor depressive symptoms.
These projects are in data collection phase only and MDQ and PHQ9 don't work properly on this Macintosh server as they depend on VB CGI programs to process data. They do, however, store all of your responses in Apache logs and I will be reviewing them.

Patient information sheets.
This list will grow on a regular basis as I find myself saying the same thing over and over to patients and figure I might as well create a little information sheet to give to people.
  How to do im injections.

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