It's now been 2 weeks since the release of emails and, more importantly, data files and code from the university of east Anglia (UEA) Climate research unit (CRU) which have essentially shown up the whole scientific basis of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) to be a fraud.  This is the worst scientific scandal in history and, if  the world worked as it should, a lot of the guilty parties would be going to jail for long periods of time.  With no scientific basis for their claims will governments suddenly stop their plans to tax CO2?  Unlikely since this whole charade was not about climate science at all but rather an unprecedented grab for power by statists under the cover of "environmentalism".

Forget the mainstream media as a source of information as they have bought into the AGW meme.  The information is all online and the blogosphere has been analyzing this data for the last 2 weeks and the results are damning.  It's time to get off your ass and flood the offices of your local MP and the prime minister with emails, phone calls and letters telling them not to cede any Canadian sovereignty at Copenhagen.

Why is this on my main medical page?  The reasons are:
(1) Personal health is related to disposable income.  The proposals up for discussion at Copenhagen would result in massive increases in energy costs which would drive up the cost of everything.  The hit for the average person would be in the range of $3000-$5000/year which would have definate health impacts
(2) People who are unemployed have more medical problems and the health care system is already stretched beyond its limits in places like Kamloops
(3) The weather is getting colder (steady decline for the last 11 years) and the current solar minimum is likely to match that of the little ice age.  Governments are spreading untruths about the earth getting warmer when the converse is happening.  People deal a lot better with warmth than cold and expect the price of food to skyrocket and winter warmth to be a thing of the past if the warmists have their way.

This is just far too important for me to ignore.

More will come later but for now I would recommend going to: an excellent source of information understandable by anyone - Steve McIntyre's web site.  He showed Mann's "hockey stick" to be a phoney and has done probably more than anyone else in the world to point out the shoddy statistics underlyng AGW "science".  Warning:  highly technical and not for those who have a fear of mathematics. - Kate McMillan's blog and she's been there from the time the file showed up on a Russian ftp server (you have to get this file through bittorrent now) and her "The sound of all hell breaking loose" series gives a blow by blow account of the destruction of the AGW foundations. - an accounting of the path to global governance that is being attempted under the cover of "ecology".  Makes one wish that the September 11 hijackers had instead flown the planes into the UN building.

Hopefully the above isn't too depressing, but if it was here's a clip from Minnisotans 4 global warming (M4GW) which does a surprisingly good job of encapsulating the major ponts of climategate in a you tube video:

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