Spamproofing this Site
Spam has become such a major problem that no site should have any email address exposed in a form that can be picked up by email address collection bots that spammers use.  You'll have to manually reassemble my email address to email me, and futhermore, the subject line must start with the string:
exactly as written above or the email will be routed to dev/null .  I know that Aaardvark is a misspelling, but since I've never seen Aardvark in the subject line of  spam, Aaardvark should be even less common.  A rather roundabout way of  getting in touch with me, but such is the reality of email in 2003.

The amount of spam that I have been getting has grown to such proportions, that I am now accepting emails only from prearranged sources and all remaining email is trashed.  Perhaps soon we will see spammers pay for their crimes by becoming involuntary organ donors and an important source of raw material for pet food, but until such badly needed changes to the legal system are made, only email  that meets my filter criteria will make it through to me.,

21/10/2003 T:=21:33