This endeavor is one of the most useless activities devised by humans.  I consider it to be pathologic and fantasize of a day when this disease has been eradicated from society.  One of the problems with eliminating the disease of politics is that it is contagious and infects physicians who come into overly close contact with with politicians without having first employed appropriate protection.  One has only to look at sad cases like Dr. Keith Martin to see what can happen to physicians who seek to eradicate political pathology without proper anti-infective gear.  Politicians pass laws and every law that they pass leads to a loss of yet more freedom in society.  Laws accumulate and are never repealed and the net effect on society is most analagous to the buildup of amyloid in the Alzheimers brain.

Of the lunacies perpetrated by governments, Bill C-68 is the most obscene attack on liberty in the history of this country.  The only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny is an armed citizenry.  The writers of the US constitution were very aware of this when they added the second ammendment.  The second ammendment is not a US invention, but has considerable precedent in British common law, a piece of historical fact overlooked by those who seek to create Kanada, a land of disarmed sheeple under the thumb of a lieberal kleptocracy.

My few political efforts are directed at ensuring the abolition of  C-68, but after spending 10 years in this fight, I think the best solution is for the western provinces to separate and form a new, free, country.  I was a member of the Reform party until  it lost its way and now belong to no political party.  My views are best described as libertarian, but no libertarian party exists in Canada.  The closest one got to a libertarian party in Canada was the the BC Marijuana party of 2001. Unfortunately, they seem to have now forgotten that there is more to freedom than being left alone to stay stoned all of the time.  Elimination of socialized medicine is #2 on my hit list, but C-68 comes first.

As long as people fall in the government trap of assuming that all political views can be represented on a left-right linear spectrum, they will be blinded to the possibilities that exist if one looks at human interaction using a multidimensional model.  Libertarianism falls outside of the linear model and one can get an idea of a richer, albeit still highly simplified, means of looking at how people wish to order society by taking the worlds smallest political quiz.  This will let you see how your political weltanschaung compares with the libertarian one.  The nice thing about looking at things from a libertarian-authoritarian continuum model is that many issues that have been cast in terms of a left-right dichotomy now become meaningless. If you think that libertarianism is too esoteric to ever be of any significance, look at the results of the worlds smallest political quiz while simultaneously keeping in mind that the majority of people who have taken this quiz will be instrumental in determining where society goes in the future (ie they are geeks or nerds).

For information on important political developments, the mass media is useless.  The Western Standard is the only magazine in Canada worth reading on polical issues.  Pierre Lemieux and Karen Selick are two libertarians that present a refreshing point of view on current events and their web sites are highly recommended.  For a wealth of informtion on C-68 and other freedom related topics, go to Skeeters cdn-firearms website.  My own guns writings can be accessed at this link.

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