Mood Disorders Questionaire Instructions
It is very important to answer all of the questions in this questionaire for it to be valid.  After reading the question, click on the yes or no button beside the question.  The answer you select is indicated by a black dot within the button.  The MDQ form doesn't store your responses so submit your completed form before going to another part of this site.  Make sure that you have filled in your name and date of birth before submitting the form.  Date of birth must be entererd as:
    yyyy/mm/dd where dd - date, mm - month,  yyyy - year (all as numbers)
DON"T use mm/dd/yyyy format.  If you must use this format, specify the month in alphanumeric form, eg:: Dec-21-1963

When you have completed all the portions of the MDQ, click on the submit button on the bottom of the form.  When you do this, a copy of your responses will be sent back to our server.  Your responses will also be stored as a cookie on your computer.  The format of this cooke is:
  MDQYYYYMMDDMMSS_V01.0_<Response string> where Response string is your name and answers to the questionaire.
You can block setting of this cookie if you wish, but it will prevent you from seeing your responses after you have submitted the questionaire.

If you make a mistake, correct it and submit the corrected questionaire.  All responses are stored on my server, but the last response of a series is assumed to be the correct one.