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Here you'll find my writings about guns, specifically the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA). I grew up with guns, have shot guns all my life and see them as an essential tool when one is out in the bush and as the primary defence of free citizens against tyranical governments.

The writings that I've put here are an eclectic collection of my postings to various newsgroups, research papers on various firearm related topics and a critical review of much "junk science" pertaining to firearms that has appeared in the medical literature.

This page will always be under construction with changes occuring on a regular basis as I mine my files for data and as I respond to new bits of junk science in the medical literature.

My email address is: borisg at unixg dot ubc dot ca (subject line "Aaardvark").
Due the the amount of email I already get, and constraints on my time, I can't guarantee speedy responses to emails. I'd appreciate hearing about any errors that I may have made in these writings as my goal is to win the RKBA battle with unassailable facts and logic.

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