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Monday, April 01, 2013

Statist moonbat levies on electronics in BC

A while back I bought a 1 Gb network drive and was pleasantly surprised by how useful this was in making data available between my computers. Thus, when I was at London Drugs today and there was another 1 Gb network drive on sale, I snapped it up. When at the checkout, I noticed a $0.90 "levy" on the bill. On closer questioning of the checkout clerk, it appears that the statist moonbats in Victoria have put a "levy" on all electronic equipment. This is a blatant tax grab and I asked if it was refundable. The answer was "no".

The 1 Gb drive went for $79.95 and the "levy" represents 1.125% of the price of the drive. The 1/4/2013 date for this kleptocratic action was likely preplanned to make people think it was a joke. It has made me exceedingly pissed off and, when I settle down enough to write a letter that is considered professional by the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, I'll send it to the moonbat in chief of the province. The moonbat in chief of BC is Christie Clark and, when the most positive thing one can say about her is "she has big tits", you know this province is in deep shit.

The obvious solution is to order all of ones electronics from outside the country. Considering that Kamloops is not the type of city where one can walk into a well stocked electronics store at 03:00 and pick up a bag of 4.7 K resistors, all of my electronics components purchases are made online. Now it looks that my disk drives and other related hardware will be also ordered online.

I'm not sure what the intent of this "levy" is but it calls for an obvious solution. After clearing off ones defective hard drive of any personal information (to do this I use the Ciarcia method (several rounds from a .45 pistol)) dump it on the lawn of ones local MLA. Do the same thing with defective keyboards, computers and any piece of electronic equipment that is subject to this kleptocratic "levy".

Personally, I cannabalize any piece of defective electronic equipment for any useful parts and disk platters make nice mirrors. Only the defective disk drives with patient information are erased via the Ciarcia method. It's high time that these moonbats were chucked out of office, but there seems to be no politician in BC with any brains. That's why I recommend writing NOTA (none of the above) on a sticky label, pasting it to your ballot and voting for NOTA in the next provincial election. Obviously if there is a local Libertarian or Marijuana party candidate, vote for them, but for those of us who have a very restricted choice of candidates, vote NOTA.

Posted by Boris Gimbarzevsky at 6:58 PM
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