1976 Timing Device Circuit Boards.

These are the circuit boards that make up this insane project from 1976. To find out more about each board, click on the picture. (Note: I haven't gotten a description of all boards done as of 3/7/2001 T:=22:53) 300 dpi scans of all boards are available if desired; component side of the circuit board can be viewed. WARNING these are large files. For a description of what this device does as submitted with my MSc thesis in 1978, take this link. For a perspective from 25 years after I decided I needed to build this thing, click here. For more than you would ever want to know about the design and building of the device take this link. Here you can peruse some thoughts of mine about junkyard engineering.

First of all, I don't have a picture of this device in its working state. All of these pictures were created in June 2001 using my HP scanner which works really well to get high resolution images of circuit boards. These boards have been sitting in a box in my bedroom for the last 23 years and I thought it was time to document this project in some fashion. There are certain things one does which don't seem that impressive at the time one is doing them, but from a future perspective, one wonders about the arrogance needed to assume that a project of this magnitude will fit easily into a MSc thesis project. I did it, barely, but my thoughts on this subject are given here.

Without further introduction, here are the various boards for a visual overview of the device.

(1) Timer board (TB)

Timer board fullsize image (468K)

(2) Stack control board (SCB)

SCB full size image 1132K

(3) Memory register board (MRB)

MRB fullsize image 2061K

(4) Memory module (1 of 2)

Memory module full size 546 Kb

(5) Terminal Control Board (TCB)

TCB fullsize image 818 Kb

(6) Output Board (OB)

Output board fullsize image 3124 Kb

(7) Homemade connectors

Connector fullsize image 207 Kb