RTL Experiments

RTL was a very schizophrenic logic as it never seemed to know whether it wanted to be a digital or analog circuit. The reason I got into RTL was that the first integerated circuits (IC's) I was exposed to were RTL elements. The most complex element in a TO-5 transitor type package was a JK FF, and the inverters and and/or gates could also be utilized as analog amplifiers. RTL is incredibly noise sensitive since it uses linear summation of input voltages and even a simple passive diode gate is a lot less fussy to use (a diode is inherently a very non-linear element).

I still have some of my RTL circuits kicking around and will scan them along with their schematics. The only reason I took this dead end path in logic design was that J&J Electronics of Winnipeg was selling a large number of RTL cirtuits at low prices. Now I know why the prices were so low (still astronomical by 2001 standards considering what one got for ones money).