IIH Generation Device (1975)

This is writeup of a 4th year physiology project. This was in the days when reports were handwritten so I've scanned report and tried to make it as legible as possible (300 dpi original scan, find edges then reduce by 50%). Click on picture to begin this journey into the electronic past.

There are only a few pictures of this device in existence as I wasn't particularly concerned with detailed documentation in 1975. The following photograph was taken around 1983 when the device had been partially disassembled as I need some of the units to provide a serial interface with a Commodore 64.

For a higher resolution picture of this device click here (size of image is 465 Kb)

Note the extensive use of switches constructed from paperclips and thumbtacks, this was a clear example of my junkyard engineering tendencies from 1975.

For some more recent thoughts about this device, follow this link.