Climate change
As various medical organizations have made their support for the statist and scientifically invalid Kyoto protocol a public health issue, I believe it is my role to make people aware of the junk science that underlies the current theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).  It is my position that the economic hardship that would occur should Canada cut CO2 admissions in accordance with the Kyoto protocol will have far more devastating health consequences than if nothing was done at all. 

Kyoto has become a new religion which is very intolerant of those who question the predictions of dire climatic catastrophe that will result unless we all revert to a third world style of living.  The high priests of Kyoto claim the ability to predict weather 50 years into the future whereas the chaotic nature of atmospheric systems makes it impossible to predict weather even a month ahead.  We are told that "the matter is settled" and that "scientific consensus" exists and that questioning the conclusions of the high environmental priests is not permitted.

Anyone who believes that scientific progress  occurs through consensus is utterly ignorant of science.  It takes but one counterexample to demolish a scientific theory.  In medicine, the overwhelming consensus of physicians in the early 1800's was that their failure to wash their hands between deliveries had absolutely nothing to do with a sometimes 80-90% maternal death rate from purpureal  fever that occurred in maternity hospitals.  Dr. Semmelweiss disagreed and began the practice of hand washing and use of chlorine water as a disinfectant.  Post-partum deaths on his ward plummeted, but he still recieved a very hostile reception from the medical establishment.

The premise of the AGW fanatics is that the earth's climate was constant until we started burning fossil fuels and adding large quantities of CO2 to the atmosphere.  When one looks at long term climate records, I am struck primarily with the degree of variability of average terrestial temperatures that have occurred over the last few thousand years.  It isn't surprising that the earth would be warming for, after all, we've come out of an ice age a mere 18,000 years ago.  The 1930's were significantly warmer than today but it has taken the sleuthing efforts of people such as Steve McIntyre to expose the fraudulent data manipulation which led to the infamous "hockystick" temperature graph.  After being presented with overwhelming evidence NASA has also agreed that 1934 was the hottest year in the last century.  Steve McIntyre maintains a blog at which is an excellent source of information on climate change.

Other highly recommended links are:
  WattsUpWithThat - Anthony Watt's blog. Best science blog and excellent source of information.  Updated daily.
 - he is an atmospheric scientist and independant thinker
  John Daly's site for a wealth of climatologic information
  Junk has information on other scientific frauds aside from AGW has material on AGW as well as beneficial effects of higher atmospheric CO2 levels
  Small dead animals which is a political blog, but has frequent links to AGW stories.

One very intriguing link is Dr. Theodor Landscheidt's page on solar effects on climate.  Don't be put off by the technical nature of the article as the links between solar activity and climate are quite obvious from the graphs. 

The AGW religion makes the assumption that the suns activity is constant which is curious given the 11 year sunspot cycles and various longer cycles that exist in solar activity.  The solar "constant" has varied by 3 W/square meter since 1978.  If you think this is a trivial amount of variation, consider that the doomsday scenarious by the AGW fanatics are based on a predicted 2 W/square meter increase in heating from higher atmospheric CO2 levels.   The AGW religion studiously ignores the effects of solar variability in its climate models and does its historical revisionist best to eliminate such embarassments such as the "little ice age" and high temperatures in the 1930's.

Over time I'll add more material to this link but I've now done my bit to counter erroneous AGW medical propoganda.

I'm glad to see that the evidence against AGW is now so becoming so overwhelming that even the MSM is being forced to occasionally report some news of this.  The warmists are becoming even more shrill in their attacks and are still dangerous as their agenda has nothing to do with climate change but rather the centralization of power in their hands and the elimination of individual freedom.  Here in BC idiotic "carbon taxes" have begun to affect medical care as money which was once allocated for patient care is being grabbed back by the government in "carbon taxes".  Gordon Campbell is one of the warmists usefull idiots and the sooner he is replaced the better.   As the climate continues to cool and peoples heating bills rise with taxes taking a bigger and bigger chunk of that amount, politicians will feel the wrath of the people who can unambiguosly see that the winters are getting colder,  CO2 levels continue to increase and what better proof does one need that a trace gas essential for life on earth has next to nothing to do with control of the earths temperature.

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