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Demolishing "scientific concensus"

Ran into a posting on WUWT by Geraldo Luis Lino which I would have to say is the perfect answer to those who view "scientific consensus" as being of importance in AGW. Science doesn't operate via concensus, it operates on the basis of which theory fits the facts the best. As we come up to the 1 year anniversary of climategate, it is encouraging to see that the whole AGW house of cards is collapsing and, hopefully, with it will end the wet dreams of statists hoping to create a totalitarian state on this planet by demonizing CO2.

We've seen the demise of the Chicago climate exchange which disappeared once the price of CO2 dropped below $0.05/ton. This market was supposed to be worth more that $1 trillion/year but cap and trade laws didn't get passed and it's history. The French have killed the "super ministry for the environment" which was to be in charge of "sustainable development" (meaning that it would extort money from the general public for transfer to watermelon criminals). This is good news and one wonders about WTF BC has a carbon tax which is the legacy of junk science and unbridled statism.

I'd forgotten about the "100 authors against Einstein" in 1931 as the German National Socialists used the full power of scientific concensus to reject "Jewish science" as embodied in the theory of relativity. The Germans never did find out how wrong scientific concensus was in this case, but the Japanese did experience the fruits of "Jewish science" at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

While it's nice to know that one is right, there can be no letup of the fight against the watermelons who created this scientific hoax of the millenium. It's now time for the fraud trials to begin and hopefully the totalitarians that were engaged in this criminal enterprise will begin serving very long jail terms soon.

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