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Webserver moved yet again

Haven't been having much luck with machines that have been hosting; Panthera was the longest host but 10 years of uptime seemed to be too much for this Mac mini which finally died with a fried HDD. Then moved to Ashera until about July2016 when Ashera halted with a bizarre windoze error. Likely all I have to do is to reinstall XP on this machine but just annoyed at the need to totally dismantle Ashera to get at the HDD and then go through backup process and reinstalling XP on it. Thus, my web site now runs on LokiNew, a W7 based machine that happened to be sitting around as it had the annoying habit of freezing up randomly every few days. This problem was finally solved when terminated UPS monitoring program which was the unexpected culprit. Of course, the last version of my web site files is on Ashera on a HDD whose SATA cable can't be easily hooked up to a laptop with SATA external connection and so would have to take machine apart to get at the deeply buried HDD's. Since I didn't feel like doing this in July, am going with a previous copy of my web site and probably time to do some cleanup on a project that started in 1998.

Found a lot of hidden files when googlebot crawled my site (5 minutes after it was up again) and have to fix those links. Will try to get some interesting medical stuff on it but will likely be using blog format as takes too long to create web pages using the ancient tools that I'm used to.

Also got ThingAmaBlog up and running properly again! Turns out that when have multiple blogs, it keeps separate settings for each one and had to go through process of switching to Apache22 directory for each blog as well as changing ip address of ftp server that was different for each blog. Should also note that my web page can now be accessed securely via https: for those of you who are paranoid about the NSA reading what you're browsing. NOTE: https: connection uses an Apache22 self signed certificate which will create and "insecure website" message on some web browsers.

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