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Carbon taxes - made in BC idiocy

Had to fuel up the jeep today and while fuming about the waste of time that is required to pay before pumping gasoline (an idiotic workplace regulation arbitrarily imposed by unelected unaccountable statist bureacrats) noticed that every liter of gasoline now has 4.54 cents of carbon taxes included. Of course this $0.0454 is multiplied by 1.12 for the Victoria statists to gouge yet more money from people. Then there is that same "carbon tax" imposed on natural gas which goes up yearly nicely coincident with global cooling which will enrich the Victoria kleptocrats even more and taxes on electricity to fund "sustainable" electricity generation projects. We didn't stop using windmills because the world ran out of wind; nothing shows the true agenda of the watermelons who dispoil the natural environment with massive noisy wind turbines that do quite a good job of slicing up large numbers of birds. These are the same moonbats who go after oil companies for a few dead birds on tar sands ponds whereas the carnage of windmills gets swept under the rug. I guess in the warped watermelon reality chopping birds into pieces is "sustainable" and "natural". And, BTW, wind power does a great job in destabilizing the electrical grid and the wind don't blow when it's really cold. I guess people freezing to death because of no "sustainable energy" is natural too. What I want is a nice clean nuclear reactor nearby as that waste heat is going to come in very handy as world temperatures continue to decline.

Given the revalations of climategate it is hard to believe that any politician in this country could truthfull say that AGW scam is scientifically based. What is real is the insatiable appetite for statists for money and, they are currently taking advantage of "the environment" in imposing tax after tax on things. I've botten totally fed up with this process and, if the Wild Rose Alliance wins the next Alberta provincial election, I'll be moving to Alberta.

Lying Gordon Campbell (head moonbat in BC) promised he wouldn't bring in the HST, but we know how much politicians promises are worth. Now I guess it's into the recall phase of the anti-HST campaign and as soon as I find out where to sign the petition to recall the local lieberal idiot MP's, I'll be supporting this move. I want to see the BC lieberal party utterly destroyed as they represent the worst possible mix of statism, watermelon ideology, crony capitalism and stupidity that one is going to find anywere except Ontario. BC politics seems to consist of governments of either the BC communist party or a party that just wants to keep the commies out of power. What we really need now in BC is a TEA party.