Boris Gimbarzevsky, Bsc, Msc, MD
#4-1380 Summit Drive
Kamloops, BC V2C 1T8
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Curriculum Vitae

Current practice
General practice in Kamloops BC since 2008 and previously Vancouver BC 1996-2008. Areas of interest are eating disorders, general internal medicine, psychopharmacology, primary care management of psychiatric and neurological diseases, sleep apnea and medical applications of computers.

Clinical Appointments
Royal Inland Hospital general practice (2006)
Eating disorders clinic Kamloops (2006)
Royal Inland Hospital Hospitalist service (2008)

Postgraduate medical Training
1996-2008 - Board certification American Board of Internal Medicine
1991-1995 Internal medicine residency, Vancouver BC
        - additional rotations taken in ICU/CCU as well as neurology research
1990-1991 Rotating Internship, St. Pauls Hospital, Vancouver, BC
        - general medical licensure obtained with BC College of Physicians, 1991

1987-1990 MD, University of Calgary
1975-1978 MSc in Neurophysiology, University of Ottawa
1971-1975 BSc (Honors) in Physiology, University of Ottawa with minor in organic chemistry.
1968-2009 Self taught programming, digital electronics.

Employment Experience
2008-2009 - Summit Medical clinic Kamloops
2008-2009 - Part-time hospitalist Royal Inland Hospital Kamloops
2006-2009 - Performing medical assessments in Kamloops eating disorders program
2005-2007 - St. Pauls Hospital eating disorders ward sessional on-call work from June 2005 onwards.
2004-2007 - consultant to Eli Lilly in area of primary care psychiatry
            - speaker for Eli Lilly for their: "Beyond Depression Diagnosing and treating Bipolar disorder" program.
1987-2005 Computer consultant

- have worked as technical consultant for Revenue Canada (SRTC computer related contracts), programmer analyst at UofC developing Macintosh based bone-age determination system and advised on design of systems for neurophysiology data acquisition.

- extensive experience with internet since 1993, web page design, web server configuration and in advising physicians regarding network design/configuration.

1979-1987 Research Associate, Dept of Pharmacology at UBC

- investigation of drug actions (primarily general anesthetics) on neuron membranes utilizing frequency domain analysis of voltage responses to injected stimulus currents.

- complete design and implementation of all software and hardware to perform necessary frequency domain analysis using a multiprocessor system of 2 PDP-11 computers for data acquisition/analysis and MSP-3000 array processor utilized for non-linear least squares fitting of equivalent circuits to transfer functions.

1969-1979 Varied temporary jobs which included timber cruising and tree planting in Northern Alberta, botanical survey in Nahanni national park (NWT), organic chemistry technician, organic chemistry teaching assistant, computer operator, programmer, bouncer at university pubs and freelance researcher.

Research Interests/Experience

2005-2007 Circandian rhythms of heart rate in anorexia/bulimia. Ongoing research with Dr. C. L. Birminghan (St. Pauls Hospital) and Dr. H. Stampfer (Perth, Australia).

2003-2005. Widespread use of home pulse oximetry in diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. Preliminary work on ambulatory physiologic monitoring system using Zigbee wireless technology.

1999 - onward - Investigation of circadian patterns of heart rate rhythmicity in the objective diagnosis and management of psychiatric disease. This is being done in conjunction with HeartLink Canada Ltd.

1993 - Computer applications in clinical medicine (ongoing)

1988-1993 Development and clinical validation of a computerized data acquisition system for obtaining quantitative data on alternating two-finger tapping in patients and controls. This simple test has shown itself useful in diagnosing, and monitoring progress of, Parkinson's disease (work done with Dr. D. Calne, UBC).

1987-1994 Medical image analysis including quantitation of schizophrenic CT scans, use of scanned knee radiographs for bone-age estimation . Helped setup initial St. Pauls Hospital radiology web site 1994.

Foreign Languages
Fluent in both Ukrainian and Croatian


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(c) Letters
(1) Debating gun registration.  CMAJ. 2003 May 13;168(10):1241.

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