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Fri, 17/03/2006
Ignore this entry - Read only if very bored

It has been quite a while since I have been tempted to write in blog, and main reason is that it is so damn inconvenient. Other people have urged me to simply sign up with one of the centralized blog hosting services like Blogger, but I can't agree to the terms of service at Blogger. I consider them to be unduly restrictive and thus host my own blog. Entries are created with Blog, a windows program that is free of charge. It has bugs and doesn't produce nearly as fancy a product as what Blogger does, but I can write about what I want without having to worry that I've violated the incredibly detailed and convoluted limits on free expression that Blogger has.

If I was hosting my website from the same computer that I run Blogger on, then there would be no problem. However, Telus has blocked outgoing port 80 and my primary computer is connected to the internet via a Telus ADSL connection. I have a Shaw cable connection which does allow outgoing port 80, and so this is the connection on which my website is hosted. Due to circumstances which are far too involved to relate here, I ended up having to transfer my website to a Mac mini which is the DMZ machine on my cable internet connection. I did mention that Blog was a windoze program, so whenever I create a blog entry, it needs to be ftp'd from Valhalla, my primary windoze machine to Panthera which hosts my web site. I am impressed with how easy it has been to setup any network related activities under OsX (in contrast to the teeth-gnashing, hair pulling obsenity shouting equivalents which happen under windoze), but the problem is that I lose passwords. As I'm dealing with computers that are basically naked to the world, a non-obvious password is necessary, but non-obvious passwords are also difficult to remember. I write them down, the sheet of paper with the password gets other papers piled on top of it, the piles grow too large to sit on the table and are moved aside and in a few months the password may as well be lost (but not irretrievably lost as I have recovered passwords from 1990 while going through miscellaneous papers prior to burning them last year).

So, if this entry appears in my blog, it means that I've yet again mastered the minutae of transferring files between two machines and I will make an effort to write down what is involved this time.


by Boris Gimbarzevsky  Comments

Posted at:Thu, 20/07/2006 23:15:58