AFT instructions
This form will allow performance of alternating two finger tapping (AFT) test on any web browser.  This is just a preliminary version of this program yet and no analysis is done yet.  All data that is accumulated from your computer is transmitted to my server when you click on Submit Data button.

To perform this test proceed as follows:
(1) Enter your name, date of birth, sex and handedness in the appropriate spots.  You don't have to use your real name, but i would ask that if you do the test multiple times, use the same identifier in the name field.  DOB is most important as I am trying to find out how fingertapping changes with aging.
(2) Select which hand you are going to use from the options
(3) Select the test you are about to do:
    S1 - this is single finger tapping
    S2 - alternating two finger tapping
    Other - whatever you want; just don't hit space bar and limit yourself to letters and numbers
(4) Click on  AFTStart button.  This will clear top text field and start a 10 second timer.
(5) Quickly, position the cursor in the top, long,  text field and start either hitting a single key (for S1 test), or alternately tapping on two adjacent keys with index and middle fingers.  Once the 10 seconds are up, a cound of how many keys have been typed is displayed in the left textarea.
(6) If you want to see the timings of your keypresses, click on AFTDump.  This will give a list of the elapsed time in msec sincel clicking on AFTStart and to the right of this time, the delay between keystrokes.  Don't be worried if these times seem to have a lot of scatter; this is an artifact of windoze if you are running under this OS.  Least amount of scatter is in Win 3.1.
(7) Enter any comments you want in the right textarea.  Limit yourself to about 1 Kb of comments as data is currently submitted as a url ie; AFTtest3.html?<data> and I think the limit of this method is about 4 Kb.
(8) Click on Submit Data button to send data to my server.  RSN this will result in analysis results being returned to you as a new screen (in progress).
(9) If you don't feel like re-entering your name again, click on browser back butten to get to the fields as you had left them before clicking on Submit Data.  NOTE:  all timing data is lost once you click Submit Data and so if you want to save it, list it to leftmost textarea and copy it to a text file on your machine before submitting it.

I'll be periodically scanning my Apache logs and if you have anything to say about this program, put it in the comments.

21/1/2007 T:=01:14