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Temporal perversions

In keeping with statist stupidities, one of the very dangerous statist policies which has significant risks of personal injury is not banned by the state but actually mandated by it. Not surprising considering that the various totalitarian governments occupied primarily by psychopaths in N. America have no need to resort to logic to support their policies but rather serve to rule by decree (while claiming popular support for their totalitarian policies). The dangerous statist policy I refer to is the imposition of that temporal perversion known as "daylight saving time".

This abomination is, of course, described in statist propaganda as having numerous benefits such as "energy saving" and "more hours of daylight" whereas the human cost of such an idiotic policy are very significant. A state which is ready to ban firearms on such flimsy excuses as the trivial numbers of children killed through firearms accidents is willing to ignore far greater death tolls through imposition of temperal perversity on the population of the continent.

One well known result from the imposition of "daylight saving timer" (DST) is the increase in traffic fatalities which occur imediately after it's imposition. References will be added RSN, but the reasons for this are quite simple to point out. Much of the population of N. America has sleep times which are barely enough to satisfy human need for sleep and, the arbitrary removal of one hour of sleep tips a lot of people over the edge and they fall asleep while driving with consequences which are quite self evident. The effects of this sudden change in time persist for several weeks following the statist decreed temporal perversion and, were the same number of people to die from a lunatic shooting up a school, then there would be a major outcry to strip the citizens of various countries of the right to own firearms.

Working as a physician, I naively assumed that in hospitals, the state ordered temporal perversion (SOTP) would result in all drug administration times being advanced by 1 hour. What I recently discovered is that no such reasonable alteration occurs. Instead, drug administration times are assumed to be the same and, in fact, are advanced by 1 hour. For a patient who is on q1h morphine, they could argue that they should recieve two doses of morphine minutes apart because the time of the last dose, following the SOTP, is 1 hour behind. Any nurse who refused to do so could be sued for noncompliance with a physicians order. All pharmacokinetic calculations for antibiotics are disrupted with significant consequences, for example, in a patient with borderline renal function on a high dose of vancomycin. Only if the individual performing pharmacokinetic calculations is aware of the SOTP effect will they be done correctly; otherwise clueless individuals will make a 4% error before they even start.

Working as a hospitalist during the last SOTP, I had a patient on telemetry during this time and reviewed the telemetry the next day. Instead of creating a 1 hour gap, which any logical programmer would do, the heart rate vs time graph showed a sudden jump from 02:00 to 03:00 with a gap in between but no indication was given that the SOTP had occurred during this time. I have screen captures of this event and will add them to this posting as soon as I have ensured that all patient specific identifiers have been removed from the record.

I refuse to conform to SOTP and thus remain on standard time year long. My natural inclination is to slowly wake up earlier in the morning as sunrise becomes earlier and this is a natural physiologic phenomenon. Similarly, I find myself sleeping in longer and longer as days get shorter and would sleep most of the day in December without external aids to awaken me before the sun comes up. When I spent a summer working in Nahani National Park in 1975, the sun never really set in early July and thus I felt really no need to sleep as the birds certainly weren't sleeping and my sleep time was 2-3 hours/night and I couldn't understand how other members of our group could get to sleep while it was still light outside.

Of course, totalitarian governments insist on abrupt changes and thus we have SOTP. Fortunately, there are no laws which require physicians to conform to SOTP and thus all of my times in hospital charts are in natural time. There is a period between 23:00 - 23:59 in which SOTP insists is the next day whereas in natural time it is still the same day. For patients who happen to die between 23:00 and 23:59, my date of death on the death certificate is the natural, not the pervertd one. This has caused some difficulties in the past but my refuasal to accept temporal perversions hasn't resulted in any repercusions on my ability to practice medicine (yet).

The BCMA, curiously, hasn't come out against SOTP (which is not surprising as the BCMA is really just a branch of the state populated by statist-loving totalitarian wannabe's), but it has no difficulty supporting anti-liberty positions such as compulsory seat belt legislation and compulsory bicycle helmet laws. If there was any logical consistency in the policies of the BCMA and similar "medical" organizations across Canada (physicians are supposed to look at evidence based medicine when they develop policies), then one of the primary targets of the BCMA and related bodies would be the elimination of SOTP. Again, not surprisingly, the BCMA and other medical bodies are totally oblivious to the fact that governents are one of the primary causes of death around the world having killed hundreds of millions of people in the last century. In keeping with state mandated ignoring the elephant in the middle of the room policies, government caused fatalities don't even rate in a mention of dangers to the population and prosecution of people who don't wear seat belts or refuse to wear bicycle helmets has the full support of the highly myopic medical organizations who refuse to see the obvious. Getting a bit away from SOTP, but I'm in a very anti-statist mood at the time of this writing.

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Back to blogging again

After Panthera died, just didn't feel like recreating blogs from before. Had a very nice system where Panthera was the webserver and used ftp to upload blogs and everything worked just fine. Then Athena, my HP 4400 tablet PC, lost too many of the keys from its keyboard and its backlight and never got around to recovering Thingamablog from it. Another example of my setting up a system and then never documenting it.

Have now ressurected Thingamablog and finally have ftp access to Ashera, my new webserver, and am able to create blogs through an ftp connection from LokiNew which is accessed via a VNC connection as I no longer live at the address where LokiNew and Ashera reside (it's complicated so won't explain). For some reason, I have no problem connecting via ftp to LokiNew but trying to setup another ftp connection on a different port to Ashera hasn't worked hence the need for a VNC link. One of these things that I've left alone as I've given myself 1 hour maximum to solve such weird problems and, if I can't solve the problem in that time frame, I fall back to another way of accomplishing the same task. Then, at some future time I suddenly realize the stupid mistake I've made and solve it.

This blog will essentially be the same as my previous non-scientifically oriented blog, but I'm sure that I'll manage to throw in hardware or software hacking into any topic on this supposedly non-hacking blog.

So we'll see how much this gets used now.

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