New WebSite Notes

13/3/2014 05:03
Major changes in this web site as Panthera, my Mac Mini that had been hosting this site since 2006, died about 3 weeks ago.  The death was totally unexpected and was on the basis of HDD catastrophic failure.  Panthera can potentially be revived if the HDD is recovered (massive 40 Gb drive in htat machine) and this is a future project.  This is my only Power PC machine and will likely reincarnate Panthera in some other role.

Web site is currently being hosted on Ashera which is an Intel Core2 processor plodding along at 1.6 GHz.  This is a faster machine than Panthera, but nowhere close to bleeding edge.  I guess the one upside of having a windoze system as the host for Apache is that can get my cgi programs running again to do online analysis of MDQ data.  Thought I'd lost whole web site but fortunately found a backup I did in Nov 2013 (was dreading copying all of the pages from waybackmachine and recreating the site).

Have decided to redesign this site as it was an organically grown collection of heterogeneous topics starting in 1999.  Back then it was a case of just being thrilled I could put stuff on the internet so easily with the single-threaded webserver I used in 1999.  Noticed I still had a link to my Vancouver practice (which no loner exists) and other obsolescent links.    Decided today it was time for a change and will temporarily have a blank website which will have material added to it if I think it still fits.

It's no coincidence that I decided to run for Kamloops schoolboard trustee today and put in my web site.  So, for the next month or so the website is going to be primarily about local politics although I'm sure that I'll start adding in other topics that interest me as time goes by.  This page will be periodically updated with changes.  Right now am going for the sparse look.

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